Kiwa crap and crap accesories

This is a basic page i'm using to document and archive stuff i have in my collection.


Kiwa computer crap and computer crap accessories

This is a website i made for me, so when i play with some of my computers i can have access to drivers and other stuff, and i can remember some info about the devices, because i suck at remembering, but it's made public because it can probably help someone else get a device going.

I have tested every single file here to make sure it works with the computer, of course limited to my specific purpose, for example if there is a windows 3.1 driver is because i tested it and worked for me.

but of course this is old hardware, weird an picky, so maybe something that worked for me will not work for you.

Please a note, because of the nature of this site, http is the default and supported way, https is mostly for modern stuff compatibility.

ftp access will be available at some point.

also i will enable a whole site download tar file when i'm done.

if you are seeing this, the website is being worked on, so check later again for updates.

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