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bplan Efika PPC

I got this pair of efika boards on a flea market some years ago, they came with the angle adapter to connect AGP cards on the PCI port?! (cool) they both boot fine, i have only tested the morphos trial image and it boots fine, this requires a laptop ide hard disk for storage, it works fine with ide to sata or cf adapters.

I want to get linux running on one just because, i tried void last year but never got it to boot, so ill probably go back to old debian.

Source Flea Market
Kind SBC
Sold/For sale? No
CPU Freescale MPC5200B PowerPC SOC @ 400Mhz (32 bits)
RAM 128MB Soldered, i tried to upgrade one but it never worked, maybe i was missing something
Dependencies it needs an ATX PSU to work, it can work without a video card just fine over serial
Installed On N/A
Last Tested May/2023
Retroweb N/A

More info

Drivers Chip ID Links
Manual EN
Efika Device tree Supplement 13-11-2007
BIOS Openfirmware /run: ok boot scsi:0 update_e_20070122 download firmware 1.3 20070122
official page English Site download the mirror
Morphos 3 Download from the official page if you want, this is the version i tested This boots fine here
Efika PPC SuSE "Quick And Easy" "This page holds an official release of the Quick and Easy
SuSE Installation originally documented by Peter Czanik."
SuSE Demo Image
Efika SuSE Errata
Efika Suse Install Guide
Suse Installer and rescue kernel
Suse Installer and rescue kernel
Suse Demo Kernel


front and back view of the board, there is also one of the adapters between the two

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