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HP Omnibook 800CT

i got this from a friend, i traded my thinkpad 760ED for it, the battery kinda works still, and it has that cute mouse thing that magically appears on the side.

I'm looking to buy the scsi and floppy cable!

Source Friend
Kind Subnotebook
Sold/For sale? NO
CPU 166Mhz MMX Pentium
RAM 32MB of Ram
Dependencies :c CENTER NEGATIVE :c 12v Charger
Last Tested June/2024

More info


Drivers Chip ID Links
Video NeoMagic NM2093 MagicGrap, 128ZV Windows 3.1
Audio ES1887 Windows 3.1
PCMCIA PCI-1131 socket services
Chipset VLSI VL82C53 socket services


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