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This is a basic page i'm using to document and archive stuff i have in my collection.


Jumptec Leu 1 "LittleMonster"

This is from a pack of random boards i got, i got like 4 similar cards but this is the only one that has a Socket 7 slot.

Source Flea market lot of parts
Kind Card, PISA
Sold/For sale? No
CPU Pentium MMX 233Mhz
Dependencies it needs a PISA backplane
Installed On N/A
Last Tested Jun 2024

More info

Drivers Chip ID Links
Video Chips 65554 ALL
Network Cristal CS8900 ALL
Chipset SIS 5571 ALL
BIOS 04/02/01 07.00T my dump


Front view of the card

back view of the card

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