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Icop Vortex86 Little board

I got this years ago from a friend, it's very picky about power so i have never been able to power it from an usb powerbank or something, but 5v from a good 2A PSU is fine. The vortex is an interesting SOC, feels like a fast 486/Pentium, XP runs on this board but slowly, i remember i made a build of Windows CE 6? that had all the drivers for it but i can't find it now, but probably still doable, i used the icop ebox driver pack.

Source Friend
Kind PC104+ ish (ISA and PCI)
Sold/For sale? No
CPU Vortex86 SIS 550 @ 166Mhz
Dependencies Nothing, it only needs 5v
Installed On N/A
Last Tested Jun 2024
Retroweb N/A

More info

Drivers Chip ID Links
Video SIS315 ALL
Audio AC97 ALL
Network RTL8100 ALL
BIOS 04/02/01 07.00T my dump


Front view of the card

back view of the card

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