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Portwell Robo-698D

This card came from a "Polycom MGC+50 ReadiConvene Unified Multipoint Conferencing Bridge" appilance, it came in a modular car meant to be swappable, i just kept the SBC by itself, it also came with a HDD, it ran Windows XP.

Source Polycom MGC+50 ReadiConvene Unified Multipoint Conferencing Bridge
Kind SBC, PICMG 1.0
Sold/For sale? No
CPU Single Celeron 850Mhz socket 370
RAM 256MB, Up to 2Gb of pc133 ram.
Dependencies It can work standalone with an AT PSU
Installed On N/A
Last Tested Jun/2024
Retroweb nope

More info

Drivers Chip ID Links
Video Chips B69000 ALL
Network Intel Pro 100 ALL
Manual Manual
BIOS Award - 02/05/04 Mine


Front view of the card

back view of the card


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